Attorney CLE FAQs

1. What is the purpose of continuing legal education? Show answer

2. What is the purpose of the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Committee? Show answer

3. What is the CLE Requirement? Show answer

4. Who must comply with the MCLE Requirement? Show answer

5. Who is exempt from complying with the CLE Requirement? Show answer

6. What provisions are made for lawyers who maintain a principal office for the practice of law in another jurisdiction? Show answer

7. When must I complete my MCLE requirement? Show answer

8. What is the reporting and compliance period? Show answer

9. What if I have not met the MCLE requirement at the end of the calendar year? Show answer

10. What if I remain out of compliance after close of business on the last business day of February? Show answer

11. What are the standards for accreditation of MCLE Programs? Show answer

12. What qualifies as “live”or “self-study” credit? Show answer

13. Do in-house programs for “live” credit? Show answer

14. What MCLE credits are mandatory? Show answer

15. What if I take more ethics than are required for the year? Show answer

16. What if I take more H & D credits that are required for the year? Show answer

17. What if I earn more MCLE credit hours than are required for the reporting period? Show answer

18. May I earn credit for independent/self-study activities? Show answer

19. May I earn credit for authoring a publication? Show answer

20. May I earn credit for attending or auditing a regularly scheduled course offered at an accredited law school? Show answer

21. May I earn credit for a MCLE course I attended in another state? Show answer

22. What is the application procedure for program accreditation? Show answer

23. What is the course accreditation fee? Show answer

24. What is the procedure for submitting a non-approved course for credit approval? Show answer

25. What if I attend a non-approved MCLE activity? Show answer

26. How are credits reported to the Board? Show answer

27. May I request a hardship exemption? Show answer

28. How long should I keep my MCLE records? Show answer

29. How do I seek reinstatement if I am administratively suspended due to non-compliance with the MCLE requirement? Show answer

30. Is there a fee charged when seeking reinstatement? Show answer