Fee Arbitration Commission

The Fee Arbitration Commission is established by the Bar Rules to provide an efficient way to resolve disputes concerning legal fees. The Commission consists of five geographically distributed three-member panels (plus normally eight or more at-large members) all comprised of volunteer lawyers and lay members.

Arbitration of disputed legal fees may be initiated by the filing of a written request for arbitration with the Commission. Although the Commission encourages the parties to settle such disputes subject to the approval of the Commission’s Chair, if not settled, fee disputes are then normally referred to a panel of the Fee Arbitration Commission for hearing and decision. In this manner, disputed legal fees may be resolved promptly and without the expense and publicity of litigation.

Fee Arbitration Commission Members

  • Nancy Macirowski, Esq. – Chair
  • Brett D. Baber Esq. – Vice Chair
  • David W. Bate, Esq.
  • Paul F. Bolin
  • Cheryl Brandt
  • Judith M. Conley
  • Michael J. Colleran, Esq.
  • Mary A. Davis, Esq.
  • Kristina M. Donovan, Esq.
  • Philip D. Fearon
  • Jeffrey William Fitch
  • Carrie Folsom, Esq.
  • Zachary I. Greenfield, Esq.
  • Nancy Y. Harrison
  • Sandra Hodge
  • Neil D. Jamieson, Jr., Esq.
  • Blair A. Jones, Esq.
  • Mara Rose Hunter King, Esq.
  • Mark W. Lawrence, Esq.
  • William P. Logan, Esq.
  • F. Todd Lowell Esq.
  • Nancy Macirowski, Esq.
  • Peter T. Marchesi, Esq.
  • James M. Mason, Esq.
  • Kirk F. Miklavic
  • Benjamin E. Murray
  • Richard C. Nale, Esq.
  • Daniel A. Nichols
  • Michael R. Rifkin
  • Kenda Scheele, Esq.
  • Elizabeth J. Scheffee, Esq.
  • Daniel J. Stevens, Esq.
  • Michael J. Welch, Esq.
  • Timothy C. Woodcock Esq.
  • Timothy Smith, CPA
  • Angela M. Thibodeau, Esq.