Board Policy

Commission Appointment and Reappointment Policy

Pursuant to Maine Rules of Professional Conduct 7.4(d) and Maine Bar Rule1(h)(15), any organization seeking approval to recognize, designate or certify expertise of a Maine attorney in one or more areas of law, or any attorney admitted to practice in this State seeking an organization's approval, must provide the Board of Overseers through Bar Counsel with at least the following information as part of the application process: 1. a completed written application seeking such approval, including therein information to assure Bar Counsel that the organization accepts and impartially decides on all applications from attorneys and does not discriminate on the basis of an applicant's age, race, color, sex, physical or mental disability, religion, marital status, ancestry or national origin; 2. sufficient information to demonstrate the organization's financial ability to carry out its functions and purposes; 3. copies of any documents setting forth the standards, procedures, and practices of the organization's certification program; 4. biographical summaries of those persons who will be directly involved in the certification process; 5. copies of the informational and application materials furnished to attorneys seeking certification; 6. copies of examinations given in the past two years or proposed examinations to be given along with an explanation of examination procedures including how they are developed and a description of the grading standards used; 7. if no examinations are employed in the certification process, an explanation of other procedures employed which offer reasonable assurance of accuracy in ascertaining whether the standards have been met; 8. an indication whether the organization has been approved by the American Bar Association (ABA), including the criteria utilized to obtain that ABA certification; 9. a complete listing of all Maine attorneys currently certified by the organization in particular areas of law; and 10. such further information as the Board or Bar Counsel may reasonably deem necessary.