Bar Counsel Notes: Exception to Client Confidentiality

Lawyer believes an out of state scam artist masquerading as a client retained him for a fictitious sale of a vintage auto. They spoke on the telephone and then the person sent Lawyer a sizable check to be deposited in Lawyer's trust account. Lawyer became suspicious and called the bank and the Clerk for the buyer's corporation to obtain more information about the transaction. Lawyer learned the "client's" bank account does not exist and other facts have convinced Lawyer that the proposed sale is a fraud. Can Lawyer contact the FBI or does MRPC 1.6 prevent him from doing so?

No, MRPC 1.6(b)(3) allows Lawyer to disclose the fraud/scam to the federal government. Furthermore, because it was never a true client/attorney relationship, the "notice" provision of MRPC 1.6(c) doesn't really apply-since the alleged client attempted to utilize Lawyer's professional services to commit fraud. Accordingly, Lawyer may contact federal government agency IC3 which Bar Counsel understands is the lead law enforcement agency dealing with internet scams.

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