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Annual CLE Report Instructions

To submit your annual CLE Report please visit MyBoardAccess and enter your six-digit Bar Number (don't forget the preceding zeroes!) and password. You can use "Forgot your Password" link below the login area if need be.

Once you have logged onto the portal, click on the link entitled CLE Reporting. The first question will ask if you are a resident or non-resident attorney. For non-residents who are licensed and practicing in states with mandatory CLE requirements (like New Hampshire) you can self-certify your compliance with CLE requirements. For those in states without mandatory CLE (like Massachusetts and D.C.) you will need to demonstrate compliance with Maine CLE requirements.

After viewing your CLE report, you are asked to either confirm the accuracy of the CLE report, confirm that you have earned all the credits listed but also have additional credits to supplement your record, report that there are discrepancies with the report, or certify that you are exempt from Maine Bar Rule 5. If you want to supplement your CLE report or if there are discrepancies, you can upload documents on the portal (maximum of one upload), or you can simply send them to David Morse Be sure to click the Submit Button. You are not done until you’ve verified and hit "Submit".

To check the status of your reporting, please wait a day, and then log back into the portal to see if your submission was approved. If you have questions, please email or Thank you.

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The purpose of minimum continuing legal education (MCLE) requirements is to promote and sustain competence and professionalism and to ensure that attorneys remain current on the law, law practice management, and technology in our rapidly changing society. Maine Bar Rule 5 establishes minimum requirements for continuing legal education, accreditation criteria, and compliance procedures.

The CLE Committee of the Board oversees the administration of Maine Bar Rule 5, reviews the effectiveness and efficiency of the CLE requirements, monitors the availability and quality of CLE programs for members of the bar, publishes policy statements and regulations, and recommends proposed changes or additions to the rule to the Board of Overseers of the Bar.

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