Board of Overseers of the Bar v. Seth T. Carey

Download Bar-20-14 Order Signed By Justice Warren

Docket No.: BAR-20-14

Issued by: Maine Supreme Judicial Court

Date: February 23, 2021

Respondent: Seth T. Carey

Bar Number: 009970

Order: Order

Disposition/Conduct: Confidentiality, Safekeeping property, Meritorious claims, Fairness to opposing party and counsel, Conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.


Before the court is a stipulated report of findings and order of the Grievance Commission in Grievance Commission Docket Nos. GCF # 17–239 and 19–101, which proposes an eight month suspension of Seth T. Carey’s license to practice law with that suspension to run concurrently with the suspension previously imposed by this court in Docket Nos. BAR–16–15 and BAR–18–04. That suspension is subject to the approval of the court pursuant to M. Bar R. 25(a).

The order assigning this matter directed the court to consider whether the provision in M. Bar R. 25(c) that review for approval of the sanction may be sought "as permitted by these rules" contemplated an additional procedure such as the filing of an information pursuant to M. Bar R. l 3(g). After hearing from Bar Counsel and reviewing the June 2015 Reporter’s Notes, the court concludes that the only procedure necessary is the procedure for set forth in Rule 25(a) whereby the court shall review and either approve or reject the sanction of suspension that has been reached by agreement of respondent, Bar Counsel, and the Grievance Commission.

In this case the court has reviewed the stipulated findings, agreed to by respondent Carey, with respect to the specified violations of M. R. Prof. Conduct 1.6(a), 1.15(f), 3.l(a), 3.1(b), 3.4(c), and 8.4(d) and approves the sanction of suspension determined by the Grievance Commission. Accordingly, Seth T. Carey’s license to practice law is suspended for eight months, commencing today. That suspension will run concurrently with the suspension previously imposed upon Mr. Carey in BAR–16–15 and BAR–18–04.

Dated: February 23, 2021

Thomas D. Warren

Justice, Superior Court