Board of Overseers of the Bar v. Jonathan H. Steinman

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Docket No.: GCF# 13-039

Issued by: Grievance Commission

Date: December 4, 2013

Respondent: Jonathan H. Steinman

Bar Number: 007659

Order: Report Finding of Probable Cause for Filing of Information with the Court

Disposition/Conduct: Probable cause found for further proceedings before the Court


Pursuant to a Disciplinary Petition dated August 7, 2013, a disciplinary hearing open to the public was scheduled for November 20, 2013 with proper notice provided to all parties. The members of Grievance Panel B were present at the Cumberland County Superior Court in Portland, Maine. The Board of Overseers of the Bar was represented by Assistant Bar Counsel Aria Eee. The Respondent, Jonathan Steinman, did not appear.

Prior to the scheduled hearing, Mr. Steinman failed to file an Answer to the Petition. As a result, the alleged facts of misconduct (failure to file a Notice Affidavit and failure to respond to Bar Counsel?s investigation) are deemed admitted by Mr. Steinman. Therefore, the Panel conducted a hearing only as to sanctions resulting from that misconduct. See M. Bar R. 7.1.

Pursuant to M. Bar R. 7.1(e)(3)(C), and based upon the Disciplinary Petition, exhibits admitted at the hearing and Bar Counsel?s subsequent notification to the Clerk that counsel for Mr. Steinman has now agreed to negotiate a final resolution of this matter, the Panel concludes that an appropriate disposition is a referral to the Supreme Judicial Court for further proceedings. The Panel understands that the parties intend to propose Resignation by Mr. Steinman as the final resolution of this matter. In that regard, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court is the only tribunal that can accept such resolution. See M. Bar R, 7.3(g). Accordingly, the Panel finds probable cause for a referral to the Supreme Court and hereby directs Bar Counsel to commence a Court disciplinary action by filing an Information pursuant to M. Bar R. 7.2(b).

John R. Bass II, Esq., Chair

Maurice A. Libner, Esq.

Kenneth L. Roberts