Board of Overseers of the Bar v. In Re Suzanne Dwyer-Jones

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Docket No.: BAR-11-20

Issued by: Maine Supreme Judicial Court

Date: August 26, 2015

Respondent: Suzanne Dwyer-Jones

Bar Number: 008638

Order: Reinstatement

Disposition/Conduct: Reinstatement Approved

Maine Bar Rule 29

Upon receipt and review of the Report and Recommendation of Panel C On Petition of Suzanne Dwyer-Jones for Reinstatement dated July 21, 2015, and having received no objection by Petitioner or Bar Counsel, the court adopts in full the findings of Panel C and concludes that Petitioner has met her burden of proving by clear and convincing evidence that her reinstatement will not be detrimental to the integrity and standing of the Bar, the administration of justice, or the public interest. The court finds, however, that the imposition of the following additional conditions upon her reinstatement are appropriate:

  1. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall continue to participate in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at least three times weekly. She shall report to Bar Counsel both the identity of her sponsor(s) (with their permission) and her participation in the program;
  2. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall comply with her physician's instructions relating to prescribed medications and shall notify her primary care physician if any medication related events occur including side effects and consuming more or less than the prescribed amounts of medication;
  3. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall follow the treatment recommendations of her medical and mental health providers. She shall receive consistent treatment from those providers to promote continuity of care;
  4. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall meet with the Maine Assistance Program for Lawyers and Judges (MAP) and execute a contract satisfactory to MAP;
  5. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall abstain from the use of alcohol and any non-prescribed mood altering medications or substances; and report any relapse and any mental health or substance-related hospitalizations to MAP and Bar Counsel;
  6. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall execute and deliver releases for MAP and Bar Counsel to monitor her ongoing treatments;
  7. For a period of at least two (2) years, Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall be monitored in her practice by a mutually agreed-upon third party;
  8. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall refrain from all criminal conduct and shall report immediately any criminal charges to MAP and to Bar Counsel; She shall further report any convictions arising out of criminal conduct in any jurisdiction;
  9. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall report to MAP and Bar Counsel any matters in which she is the subject of any civil protection order, e.g., Protection from Harassment or Protection from Abuse;
  10. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall designate a Maine attorney to serve as her proxy in the event of any future disability;
  11. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall maintain stable housing and report any change of address and contact information to MAP and Bar Counsel. She shall ensure that both entities have updated information by which to contact her;
  12. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall reimburse MCLIS to its satisfaction for her own court-appointed attorney's services;
  13. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall pay all court fines to the satisfaction of the court;
  14. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall reimburse the Board of Overseers to its satisfaction for its costs and expenses in investigating and prosecuting her disciplinary matter;
  15. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall report any disciplinary proceeding and/or sanctions to all jurisdictions where she is admitted;
  16. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall comply timely with her required annual registration filings and continuing legal education requirements; and
  17. Ms. Dwyer-Jones shall engage a third party, satisfactory to Bar Counsel, to reconcile her trust account(s) on a monthly basis, and to provide a copy of that accounting to Bar Counsel each month.

The Petitioner shall be reinstated to the Bar of the State of Maine, subject to the forgoing conditions, which shall be in full force and effect for a period of three years,1 effective September 1, 2015.

Dated: August 26, 2015

Hon. Andrew M. Mead
Associate Justice
Maine Supreme Judicial Court

1Bar Counsel may move, within the three-year period, for an extension of one or more of the conditions upon a showing of good cause.