Board of Overseers of the Bar v. Jeffrey P. White, Esq.

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Docket No.: BAR-18-3

Issued by: Maine Supreme Judicial Court

Date: October 11, 2018

Respondent: Jeffrey P. White, Esq.

Bar Number: 003804

Order: Amended Order

Disposition/Conduct: Amended Order


To correct an error in stating the term of the nine-month suspension from the practice of law in the original Order, dated October 3, 2018, the first full paragraph that appears on page 18 of that order is amended to read as follows:

"To give Attorney White time to provide the required notices, Bar Rule 31, and disengage from his practice, that suspension will run from November 19, 2018, to August 19, 2019 September 16, 2019."

Dated: October 11, 2018

Donald G. Alexander
Associate Justice
Maine Supreme Judicial Court