Gloria A. Higgins v. Charles R. Bean, Esq.

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Disposition: Award to Petitioner

Issued by: Fee Arbitration Commission

Docket #: FAC #14-170

Dated: June 19, 2014

Bar Number: 002805

The undersigned constitutes a duly authorized Fee Arbitration Panel of the Fee Arbitration Commission of the Board of Overseers of the Bar. This Panel was designated to hear the controversy existing between the above named parties as set forth in the Petitioner's Petition. Good and sufficient notice of the Petition and of the hearing was provided to all parties. A hearing was held on June 19, 2014, at Portland, Maine. The Petitioner appeared without counsel. The Respondent failed to respond to the Petition or appear at the hearing. Based upon the evidence introduced including the Petition filed by the Petitioner and the sworn testimony of the Petitioner, the Panel determines that the Petitioner paid Respondent a legal fee of $1,000 for legal services which were not provided and further determines that this fee and its retention by Respondent are unreasonable. The Panel awards Petitioner the sum of $1,000 and orders that the Respondent shall pay said sum to Petitioner forthwith, pursuant ?) Rule 1.5 of the Rules of Professional Conduct

By ruling of the Chair, and without objection, no further findings of fact or conclusions of law will be prepared and this Award and Determination constitutes full resolution of all claims submitted to the Arbitration Panel with respect to this matter.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF. the undersigned have subscribed to this award as of the 19th day of June. 2014.

Rufus E. Brown, Esq. Chairman

Steven L. Cope, Esq.

Michael B. Reynolds, Lay Member