Bren B. Cagle vs. Alice A. Neal, Esq.

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Disposition: Award to Petitioner

Issued by: Fee Arbitration Commission

Docket #: FAC-14-436

Dated: December 24, 2014

Bar Number: 004161

This matter came before the Fee Arbitration Commission upon Petitioner's filing of a Fee Arbitration Petition with the Board of Overseers of the Bar's Fee Arbitration Commission. A .hearing in the above-referenced matter was scheduled for December 19, 2014, in Portland, Maine. On the morning of the day of the scheduled hearing, the Board received correspondence from the Respondent relating to the underlying fee dispute. The Respondent has agreed to reimburse the Petitioner for fees paid. Pursuant to Maine Bar Rule 9(i), Attorney Neal shall make the awarded refund of $800 to Ms. Cagle within 30 days of receipt, i.e. by January 29, 2015. If the Respondent fails to make the refund by that date, the Petitioner should so notify the Board Clerk in writing. The Board of Overseers of the Bar shall then refer the matter to Bar Counsel to seek proper Court action under Maine Bar Rule 6(b)(6).

Rufus E. Brown, Esq., Panel 1B Chair
Fee Arbitration Commission