Kaileigh M. Wing v. Christopher R. Largay, Esq.

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Disposition: Award to Respondent

Issued by: Fee Arbitration Commission

Docket #: FAC# 18-043

Dated: May 29, 2018

Bar Number: 007348

A hearing in this matter was held on May 8, 2018, in Bangor, Maine, before a duly authorized Fee Arbitration Panel of the Fee Arbitration Commission of the Board of Overseers of the Bar. The Panel was designated to hear the matters raised in the Fee Arbitration Petition of Petitioner Kaileigh M. Wing. The members of the Panel were Chair Timothy C. Woodcock, Esq., Nancy Macirowski, Esq., and public member Nancy Y. Harrison.

In advance of the hearing, both parties submitted summaries of their respective positions along with supporting materials. Both parties appeared at the hearing and offered testimony. An additional witness appeared on behalf of respondent. Respondent also produced an additional exhibit, not part of the prehearing materials, which was admitted into evidence without objection. Based upon the evidence introduced, the Panel finds as follows:

The Petitioner's claim for an abatement in the amount of $9,528.01 is denied. The Petitioner did not sustain her burden to prove that Respondent's fees were unreasonable.

Before Petitioner filed the instant petition, Respondent had been paid the amount Petitioner claimed in her petition. Therefore, there is no need to award that amount to Respondent. This Award and Determination only confirms the amount of attorney fees and costs Respondent had already received when the petition was filed. This Award and Determination is a public document.

The Panel has set forth its findings and conclusions in a separate document entitled, "Confidential Addendum" and which, in accordance with Rule 7(f)(l) of the Maine Bar Rules, the Chair rules to be confidential. The Confidential Addendum as well as the exhibits and testimony, submissions, and documentary evidence submitted by the parties shall remain confidential in accordance with Rule 7(h) of the Maine Bar Rules.

This Award and Determination is in full resolution of all claims submitted to the Panel and decided by the Panel. The Panel members have authorized the Panel Chair to sign this Award and Determination on their behalf.

The undersigned has subscribed to this award on May 29, 2018.

Timothy C. Woodcock, Esq.
Acting Chair, Panel 4
Fee Arbitration Commission